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Hi. Gearchirper here, im new to the forum. So i have this jetta that's not being a team player. I am a mechanic and love to share advice good and bad. But mostly good. Ive changed just about everything in this 2.0 engine but have this god awful misfire. I know what your thinking. this noob has no clue. here is a list of what was changed:

1- New head (assembled) w/ new head studs
1- Head gasket (installed w/ correct torque)
1- timing belt
1- water pump
4- spark plugs (NGK)
1- set of plug wires
1- new ignition module (coil pack)
1- new coolant temp sensor
1- new crank position sensor
1- new camshaft position sensor
2- new oxygen sensors
1- new California rated catalyst (converter)
1- new fuel pump (correct pressure output)
1- new knock sensor
1- new battery
4- new fuel injectors (correct flow rate)
- checks good on compression (all cylinders)
- checked timing 4 times (on point)
- fresh fuel in tank and in lines
- good spark and fuel delivery

you can say im at my witts end on this project and i am starting to think the ecm went bad from the get go. Hell, all the parts thrown at it probably would have paid for a correct fix at the maybe a new ECM with reflash? relearn procedure? thoughts?

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is it a single-cylinder misfire? or is it multiple cylinders? is it a dead miss? have you pulled any codes? if so do you have any freeze frame data?
its multi cylinder misfire at this point. no freeze frame data to show as of now. only codes that pops up are the P0300, and associated codes P0301, p0302, etc. i can raise the rpm whith no catastrophic events occur. its only at idle the misfires return, and no power on the drive. almost as if the stoich is off. have some serious rich exhaust which chokes out the neighbors roses. i will try to obatin some freeze frames on the fly. Thanks skimmmer0220
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