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My Brand Spankin' New Key and How I Got It!

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So heres my novel:

I went to class on thurday morning and when I got out of my car I put my jetta key into the pocket of my bag thinking I hope it doesn't fall out of there that would suck. Ya well it did! Stupid me right? Well I did not find out that it did for about 4 hours. When I found out I re-traced my steps and it was no where to be found.

I started with 3 My first FAB was stolen when my civic was stolen (it was in it) an my valet key was stolen by an ex never did find out why when or were it has never to been seen again and this was my last FAB.

Sooo after starting to cry hoping my car wsa not stolen out of the parking lot I ran out to find her still there in one peice and nothing missing Oh by the way it was freezing!! So I called for a tow truck while my BF was on his way to comfort me and I also started calling dealerships to find out about getting a new key. The closest dealer was about 4 miles and a TWO WEEK wait for a new key needless to say I had a few choice words to say to that dealer, the second one could get it in 2 days!! but was 17 miles away. The tow truck was going to be 200 bucks to get it taken there and I was not going to pay that so I called VW roadside assistance and they towed me for free!!! God I love them! The guy came opend my car and very gently and perfectly towed her to the dealership where she got her new key. Key-$60 FAB-$90 Re-programming-$115 ya sucks!!

Monday morning I called and some one had found my key and turned it in late Friday night which makes me think since I re-traced all of my steps (not many) that they were holding on to it to find out if they could either break into my car a steal stuff or take her all together! So now I have to get this one re-programmed at $60 at the place up next to me. Learn From my mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Or maybe they found the key and hung on to it till they could get it properly reported?
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