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my car against others

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in the past few weeks i've lined up against a 95 GTI VR6, a few scion tc's, and another Jetta..not sure which type of jetta only badge it had was the jetta logo and vw GLI has ripped these cars..hardest competition had to be the was a tuff one but i took it to 120 mph on the highway..noone ever wants to go that fast so..someone had to quit..he quit before i did lol
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Re: Wow

I could not belive how quick my 2009 Jetta Wllfsburg is. I was kinda not looking forward to the hourse power drop from my Honda v6 vtec, but i can honestly say my VW is just as quick.
Thats because a vtec isnt pumping in until high rpms. By the time its starting to move, your too far to catch. (To sum up most hondas)

And I dont even race scions. I ignore them like most hondas. Youll know when an actual threat shows up.
yah i took on a sunfire the other day. beat it with a hammer. preety fast if i say so myself...
fixed it for ya ha
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