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my car against others

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in the past few weeks i've lined up against a 95 GTI VR6, a few scion tc's, and another Jetta..not sure which type of jetta only badge it had was the jetta logo and vw GLI has ripped these cars..hardest competition had to be the was a tuff one but i took it to 120 mph on the highway..noone ever wants to go that fast so..someone had to quit..he quit before i did lol
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Re: Wow

I could not belive how quick my 2009 Jetta Wllfsburg is. I was kinda not looking forward to the hourse power drop from my Honda v6 vtec, but i can honestly say my VW is just as quick.

vtec does absolutely nothing to give you power unless you have your car boosted... And of course the VW is going to be just as quick, if not quicker.
wooow dude im 16 and have a 2003 jetta 2.0 and 120 aaint nutn now just wait till i finish it well okay keep at it atleeast ur beaten sum 1
Unless you're on the track, doing 120 on the road is absolutely the dumbest thing you could ever do. There's nothing cool about that, especially if you're only 16.
aight...wellz a friend of mine has a 00 V6 camaro and wants to race me...he is completely stock, I have p-flow, borla, and hopefully next week i'm praying sooo bad i can get in my cams...i'm juust nwaiting for my cams to be put in..what do ya think? SHould I give it a go or no?
You'll lose. Exhaust doesn't do anything except sound good unless you have a turbo on your car. So your car is basically stock, p-flow doesn't add too much HP. Stock 12v's only have 174 HP, your buddies camaro has 200 HP stock. His car weighs about 3439 pounds which isn't too far from our cars.

If you do it, wait until you put the cams in and then it'll be a better match. You could probably beat him then.
Gargamel has the right idea knock his ***** ass out! Haha
its goes pretty fast wey i have it straight pipe right now no muffler its get alot more horsepower dude cus i raced my friend with the sam exact engine and i left him like 2 cars behind

thats a comment he just posted right now
Take it to the track.
iono if he is joking or what iono....ill take a picture of it, cuz he got hired at the same place as will just laugh..
Oh boy!
16's? You should be running a lot better than that with a chip and cams... What RPM are you launching??
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