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My first VW Jetta GL

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I have a 2002 VW Jetta GL(2.0L) automatic tranny i've had it for about a year now it's the first car that i actually bought with my own hard earned money and i finally have the time and money to fix it up so i have been looking into what i should get. I'm specifically looking for some blacked out projector/ angel eyes headlights so if anyone has some info on where to find some and pricing please let me know. I'm open to any suggestions or ideas you may have, (not alot of v dubbers in my area) i'm just not very into the 'ricer' look. I know that my 2.0 isn't really the fastest thing around so i'm not going to be doing any kind of major racing but a little power boost would be nice. My first mod is going to be blacking out my taillights so i'll post some pics up soon. Also i'm new to the forum here and my knowledge on engines is somewhat limited (sorry if i sound like a total noob) but i've done some small work with electrical and audio systems and stuff like that so i appreciate any helpful tips. Anyway thanks for any help and have a good one.
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Have you though of joey modding your stock headlights, which is taking them apart and painting the chrome housing black. I think it looks pretty sharp. If you like the look of halo's then get them because after all its your car, but most will say halo's only belong on bmw's.
Don't black out ur tails. That's so played out and looks fugly. Joey mod and tints.. What color is ur car anyways.
Welcome!!! I had angel eyes in my Jetta and got tired of them and swapped them out because I didn't like them. Post some pictures of the Jetta!!!!

Actually i'm considering that joey mod, sounds pretty cool i have hids so that wont affect the joey mod right? Oh and the car is blue. Not sure on the actual paint name i believe it's Navy Blue but i also saw Royal Galactic or something like that so not too sure and i'll put up some pics now. Oh and thanks for the ideas[woo]
You will be fine with HID's in the Joey-mod just other drivers you might blind lol.

OK awesome and nice car what have you done to it?
I have the joey-mod done, Lowered the car on coilovers so I scrape almost everywhere lol, Tinted new custom candy cane tail lights, Audio system. There is other stuff done also I have a thread somewhere lol. Just search Shawn's Auto.

joey-mod done, Lowered the car on coilovers so I scrape almost everywhere lol, Tinted new custom candy cane tail lights
sounds pretty sweet
Yeah still a lot more to do lol.

yeah always something to work on right lol. for real though its looking really great, and i bet it'll turn out really clean when you finish it up
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