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Let's start off by saying hello! Like to be known here as Mac, clearly not my real name.

Just recently came across the best steal of my life, 2000 VW Jetta GLX VR6 12v. The time of purchased it had 81,000 miles on it, no major body damage, no wear on the clutch (practically felt brand new). I have a OBD reader so gave it a read for lulz and sure enough a faulty code came up P0341. Knowing that is a simple sensor to fix, I didn't say anything to the seller (Yes I slipped this in without him seeing - private dealer). Went ahead with the sale I paid $3,200 for it, lucky me the guy sold it, on paper, for $1,000 (Less taxes for me to pay ^_^ ).

As of right now all I have done since the purchased was changed spark plugs, wires & coil pack. Did a oil change & still waiting on my Camshaft sensor to come in the mail. Also, forgot to mention that there was also something wrong with the vehicle that I just turn a blind eye to and bought it anyway. I believe it is my axle but not 100% certain on that.

I plan on doing the following

Performance Mods:
  • Cold air intake
  • Exhaust
  • Performance chip of the sorts
  • turbo kit (thinking like a T4 at 8 pounds)
  • lower kit with slight cams in the back

Cosmetic Mods:
  • 20% black tinted windows
  • 18" - 19" enkei rims (6 spoke)
  • Repaint with black w/ Lime green pearlescent
  • One/Two racing strip down the middle of car (Lime green)
  • Green under-glow in engine bay, under car, trunk & under dash
  • some type of spoiler
  • wide body kit
  • headlights & taillights (I think I have what I want in mind)
  • obliviously Car system (already have two 10" JLv3's)

I have no time frame into what I have planned, think of taking it day-by-day.

Well, this is all I have for now. Will be lurking the forums from here on out and seeing where I can be useful, if any.

Nice to meet everyone! [woo]

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You had me on board for all the mods until I came to racing stripes, and everything after that was downhill, anyways I shall look past that and try to persuade you to change your mind on some of those, just a quick couple questions for the lowering did you mean camber in the back? also have you settled on a exhaust intake or tune yet?
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