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My new 08 jetta

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This is my new jetta se i just bought it 2 weeks ago, my previous car was also a 2000 jetta gls vr6. I loved the V6 on the old one, but the new in-5 2.5 isn't bad either. tell me what u think people.


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hey are those 17"? i was thinking about going from the stock 16" up to 18" but i don't wanna lose the handling. if they ARE 17", did you notice any change in the drive?
They are 18" and i didn't really notice any change in the drive actually the car is more stable, since u go from 16" to 18" you have to put low profile tires which improve the handling. The only thing that u might notice a little bit is just feeling the bumps and holes more, it's going to be roguh basically on bumbs and holes. other than that it's perfectly fine, i always get on the highway and i have driven over 80mph it's absolotely fun but make sure that the balancing for the tires is done right.
the only thing i'm worried about is scratching them if i get them cause the road to my house is 3 miles of straight up curves. i don't wanna worry about hitting them too hard. is that a problem for you?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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