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Hello I have a 2004 Jetta GLS 1.8t, My car is going down hill turns out the people be for me put in the wrong kind of gas and oil idk if that means anything, I just started putting the right kind in, When I start up my car there a knocking noise and when i left on and off the gas it knocks it did that since i got it now when i slow down to come to a stop my rpm will drop and my car will shut off and wont turn on for 5-15 min it sucks cuz people behind me just hunk even thought i put on my four ways and they can easily go around me, So after it shuts off randomly when i go to start it it wont turn over it sounds like the battery is dead and it will just grind and the rpm will go up between 0-1 and go up and down but wont start some times all the power in the car will go off when i do this. What could the problem be? also i ran a code po332 knock sensor circuit low input.
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