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Hey guys, I just took my car in for a tune up. I was told my front strut mounts were torn, engine oil leak (possible valve cover gasket?), and engine is sagging on passenger side (right engine mount.).

I was there during all of this. He's a friend of my mom's and he was teaching me how to tune my car properly and explain some of the things for me. So none of what he said is a lie.

What I want to know is, what exactly are struts and how do they tie into coil over kits and suspension? (link to the correct forum>post?)

Because when I get the required items to get my car fixed I would like to install these;
Struts & Suspension

Would either one of those or both fix my front strut problem? Or would I just need one?

Otherwise, the cheap method.. Would this shopping cart cover what I need?

thanks for any help, it's much appreciated.

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If you buy those coilovers you wont need struts as theyll come with them.

We cant view your shopping cart, sites dont work that way but a new motor mount isnt too bad and if you wanted to splurg a bit more you could go with poly mount inserts from BFI. Relatifely cheap and help with wheel hop for launches and such (not sure if youre planning performance upgrades?)

As far as your oil leak, if youre camshaft gasket is leaking im assuming the water pump has never been replaced? Id recommend that if not because it will replace all your gaskets in the process so itll save labor costs to do it all at once.

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