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Needing some info

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hey everybody. i currently drive a prelude but i'm looking to potentially buy a vw jetta and was curious about a few things..

i would ideally like to buy a 2002-2004 jetta gli 1.8t but my funds aren't so great and i can't seem to find one around that is a good price/mileage..

so my question is whats the main difference in the 02-04 GLS 1.8T and the GLI 1.8T. I looked at the engine specs and they seem to be the same other than the GLI is a 6speed?
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GLI is a good choice.... you'll love the 6speed.... Anyways welcome to the site....
A lot of 2.0 8v engines can bolt right on to the GLI 6 speed tranny...... may be a few minor mods but what the hell beats a 5 spd..... probably messes with the gear ratio a bit would have to get it fixed.....
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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