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Needing some info

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hey everybody. i currently drive a prelude but i'm looking to potentially buy a vw jetta and was curious about a few things..

i would ideally like to buy a 2002-2004 jetta gli 1.8t but my funds aren't so great and i can't seem to find one around that is a good price/mileage..

so my question is whats the main difference in the 02-04 GLS 1.8T and the GLI 1.8T. I looked at the engine specs and they seem to be the same other than the GLI is a 6speed?
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dont think there's any real diff except for the 5 speed and 6 speed...i thought maybe it could be the number of valves..but from what i've seen they're both 20v...i guess the GLI coes with more options than the GLS...and has better reputation and recognition...i havent seen any GLS jetta's with a badge on them so if anything just get a GLI badge and slap it on lol..
GLI is a good choice.... you'll love the 6speed.... Anyways welcome to the site....
6 speed is the S**T:D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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