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Needing some info

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hey everybody. i currently drive a prelude but i'm looking to potentially buy a vw jetta and was curious about a few things..

i would ideally like to buy a 2002-2004 jetta gli 1.8t but my funds aren't so great and i can't seem to find one around that is a good price/mileage..

so my question is whats the main difference in the 02-04 GLS 1.8T and the GLI 1.8T. I looked at the engine specs and they seem to be the same other than the GLI is a 6speed?
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dont think there's any real diff except for the 5 speed and 6 speed...i thought maybe it could be the number of valves..but from what i've seen they're both 20v...i guess the GLI coes with more options than the GLS...and has better reputation and recognition...i havent seen any GLS jetta's with a badge on them so if anything just get a GLI badge and slap it on lol..
haha yeah thats true..

i'm new to the whole vw scene.. and i'm already tryin to sell my lude (which is a bitchy auto).. so i'm lookin to find something that is a manual for sure.. hopefully gonna pick one of these bad boys up soon
ideally i would like to find one.. but the fact is that i can't really afford one right now.. so that is why i'll prolly get a gls instead.. but thanks for the info guys.. i'm sure once i decide to pick one up then i'll be posting more on the forum..
I was in the same state of mind back in January as you are now... I ended up getting a GLS and I am loving every second... Even though I ended up with a 5-Speed Tiptronic automatic :rolleyes:

One thing I have noticed as well is that there is a suspension difference between the GLI and the GLS. I believe the GLI is about 1.5" lower (via springs), but there are spring kits out there to give you the same stance.

I mean, if you really wanted to... You could get pieces of a GLI body kit (front lip, side skirts, etc), add a set of "sport" springs, and get some GLI badges and no one would know the difference from the outside (I believe the GLI has different seats and some interior trim differences as well).

I'd love to see pics once you decide what you are gonna do. You will definitely be happy either way. The 1.8t engine is amazing...
yeah i'm really ready to get my hands on a 5/6 speed manual.. i had one before my car now and its so much nicer and funnier to drive.. my lude is pretty modded out and i'm lookin to just go with something that looks sick stock and mod the engine out like crazy.. thanks for the info tho..
Just curious but what is the reliability of these cars with higher mileage on them around 100k miles??
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