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:eek:I am Lori , 36 yr old from Erie Pa! I became a Jetta Junkie 6 mths ago when i went out to buy myself a new car and was heading to the Jeep Dealer and ended up at the VW dealer! My fiance told me i just had to drive a VW, so I did, I drove the Rabbit, I drove the Eos and then the Jetta! To be honest, i made a statement the day we went looking i "wasnt going to buy another car", well , guess what, i went home that day with a New Jetta! And i have never looked back!
The funny story is, that My fiance, the one who talked me into the new car, fell in love with my new car, and he wasnt even shopping for a new car, his car only had 50,000 on it and was in perfect condition, but he found a way to keep his car (he sold it to my son) and get his new 2008 Rabbit! Ha talk about addicted, he hasnt stopped working on things in his Rabbit since he got it! He put down sound deadener, custom sub enclosure,amp, and new head unit w/ tomtom, marker lights from germany, custom interior red lighting (pst he replaced the bulbs inside and it looks like he paid $100 but he only paid $5.00 for the replacement bulbs! could never tell! Today he brings home a Stone chip protector for the Rabbit and for the Jetta, so we are all set, oh did i fail to mention the 17 inch rims/tires he put on his lil rabbit! Ha it is an addiction!
Well I am just looking around! hope to share some pictures soon of our great Vw's!
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welcome to the site. Vw's are an expensive habbit.
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