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Hey, Hi. 97 gl just brought back from a few years of desert neglect. Was my SO's work-commuter. I've done a lot of Vws, but this is my first Jetta... it's surprisingly nimble and fun, even in its' pretty tired, mostly stock current state.
My last Jetta-centric rig was an 84 vanagon with a 93 ABA/8 valve hybrid motor. I put thousands of happy miles on that rig over 7 years but it gained so much value that I "cashed-in" and got a few AWD rigs with the money to continue my adventures.
I've been working through the 97 jetta 5sp, starting with repairing the mouse-eaten wiring and doing the not-fun heater core. I'm on to the suspension now.
For some years I raced a very fast 928 Porsche stroker but I've never driven a front wheel drive car at speed... I'm learning, it's fun.

Don Hanson
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