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New here and new to me Jetta

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New here from Bama.

Had a 91 Toyota 4 Runner that just puked out on me and was in desperate need of a good running car that got descent gas milage so I bought this..................

99 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition

I love the car, its fun to drive and for a 99, seems to be in very good condition.

It has the 2.0 motor with 97K miles.

Are there any trouble areas I should look for on this car?? Any known problems to be expecting any time soon?

Glad to be here and hope to gain a lot of knowledge in the VW area.


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Welcome to the site. not sure of any "problems" with that model. Looks great BTW
2.0 has a timing belt. Change between 75000 and 90000.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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