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New Jetta Owner with possible engine probs, looking for advice!

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Hi! New to this site! I have owned a 02 2.0T Passat in the past, now own a 00 Jetta vr6. A bit sad today. My baby broke down. Thinking engine trouble. Don't want to give up on her though! If anyone can share links to sites for VW owners that sell their spare or new parts, I would be very grateful! I don't mean ebay either! :D

May just replace motor entirely. Interested in adding turbo since motor will be getting worked on anyway. Anything useful would be great!

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What's your budget?
VdubLuv00, hello and welcome to the forum! Glad you decided to join us. This sure is a great place with nice people and good ideas for the rid. If you ever have any questions, please be sure to reach out.
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