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new repeaters n pics with dakota

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Here's the newest addition to the daily that i am not putting any money into. haha, atleast i told myself, but oh well. it was a cheap at one.


to this

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Nice truck... Is it shorter than your Jetta (roof height)?

Still lovin' the Jetta though... Repeaters look good

And now for a sidetrack...

Yea no point in lifting a 2wd truck..... but 4wd is a must for all the way lifted....
I can see how some people might agree with this... However, coming from a lifted truck myself (4x4) and having a bunch of buddies with lifted trucks (some 4x2), I think that most people underestimate what their trucks are capable of (even with stock suspension). There were many times when I was impressed that my buddy with a 4x2 got through some of the trails we ran with no issues... Just my 2¢
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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