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Hey what's up? My name's Anthony, I'm 21 and drive a red 06 GLI. I actually just got rear ended and its in the body shop so I'm pretty pissed off. I'm new to this site but I'm on vortex alot. First thing I wanna ask though is if there's anyone who self-tinted their jetta tails please let me know how cause Im not puttin out 900$ for OEM 08 tails.

Thanks for your input.

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I have heard about people spraying their tails to get them dark. I dont think I would trust my hand to do it but my friend did it to his cars and they look great. I know you can buy the paint for it almost any were (car supply places) but again I dont know that I would do it to mine. Here are a few DIY links I found for you:

This one is not a jetta but the lights look nice and the instructions are highly detailed:
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