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Just purchased a daily drive ,2002 jetta auto with 116k miles. Needs a little bit of TLC and was hoping you guys could help. Here is a list of the issues
1. aftermarket radio does not shut off, wiring kit was horrible and i redid it properly. Plan is to use an "add a fuse" to fuse 10 in the driver side fuse panel for a switched ignition power source. Previous owner purchased new battery because it kept draining his old one

2. Check engine light came on after a week with codes P0507- idle control high and P0171-bank 1 lean. Cleared codes and will check again. My guess is PCV system needs to be re worked. I can smell oil from outside the car.

3. Trans just started slipping a little between i think 2-3 about 200-300rpm rise between shifts. Also it shifts harsh. Need some assistance to identify which trans in order to do a drain and fill. The shifter has P, R,N,D,4,3,2 and a kick over to "sport mode" where i can shift. Is this the A4 or A5?

3a. I was planning on doing a tune up anyway, oil and filter, spark plugs, fuel filter
4. Center console is falling apart. Need to order a kit for it

5. Tires need replacing and car needs alignment. Possibly brakes in near future.

6. Sagging headliner. Need to pull out and spray some glue on it.

7. Car does need a full repaint. Previous out wet sanded top half of car, my guess is clear coat was peeling. Not worried about this as it will be a daily driver.

Anything else I should check or lookout for? My main concern right now is the transmission and fluid changes.
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