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New to the site and hope it gets crowded!!!

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Great site and name, glad to be abored.
I'm filled with tons of advice so anyone need help, Feel free. ;)

My car info
APR91 V-tune TBA/FCE
Custom Short Ram Intake,
2.75" Magnaflow Cat-back,
18X8 HP Racing Lighting Rims,
TT Short Shifter & cut stick,
Eibach Sport Springs,
KYB-AGX Shocks,
710N DV,
N75H Race Valve,
Boost & Oil gauges,
Stubby Antenna,
Wheel Spacers,
Windows Up/Dn from keyfob,
Removed SAI and EGR,
Rear Fog light,
way more to come...

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I'm telling everybody, Vortex is becomming too crowded and new ppl ask simple questions and get slammed for it, Not a good way to keep ppl coming back. Thx... 8)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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