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im fairly new to the hole jetta platform well the tuning and modifying part of things. ive been trying to find out the possibility of modifying my 2.0 ecu to making it a 2.0t ecu i am mainly interested in obviously putting a turbo on to my jetta. i have a golf thats a 1.8t but its trash i for it just for the turbo set up off it. i know most of what i need to know but i need to know if i have to get a different exhaust manifold or if i can use the one off my 1.8 motor, if i can and if i need modify my ecu to to run the turbo, what and where can i get a reasonably priced tuning software and cable for my Chromebook. and then how the turbo set up will be installed.. if you have info i would be super appreciative whatever ideas, comments,pictures of build you've done or seen, links tor software,and or cables, and any ecu tunes.. what ever information you got will be helpful
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