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New with some Questions

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Hello jetta junkies I am new to the site and have read a few threads before joining and decided this is the right place!
I have a few questions, I am not entirely happy with the engine performance and the lack of horsepower on my 2001 jetta 2.0L GLS. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to suggest some performance upgrades that aren't going to cost thousands. Perfomance chips, intake, exhaust ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thx and hope to talk to you all lots!
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Yeah just minor stuff eh! well that kind of sucks but o well. Have you heard anything about these performance chips? the ones that are like 200 bucks and they apparently increase your hp and torque? Or is that stuff all just a big joke and does nothing?
So i take it that no one has heard or been witness to the use of these cheap chips, that apparently can add a little horse to a car? well if anyone has anything to say or any input or anything like that let me know thx
yeah from what i understood and heard from people that i have spoken to they have told me that there is nothing out there for chipping a 2.0 GLS which sucks cause it is the most gutless of all the VW models out there, and you can't do anything even if you want to, but if anyone else has heard of a way or knows of somehow to give me a bit more juice, not tons but more none the less haha.
Yeah thx man, I did some looking around and found some guys talking about goin with a s/c from neuspeed and they say that it should increase hp by approx. 50% or so, so that is a definate increase but then again a S/C will cost around 2 grand so therefore don't know whether or not it is worth it, if anyone else hears anything else to give my good ol' 2.0 a boost let me know!
Yeah that is true to true, do you have any clue what a turbo or supercharger would cost, because one guy told me you could get a s/c for like 800 on ebay, all i found were ones like around 2500 big difference haha!
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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