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hello, so yea im new to the vw scene. i recently got a 05 jetta gl. i had a few questions if anyone could help me. first of all its a 05 so thats a mkV? but it has the mkIV body? im looking to build a time attack car, for when i have time to go to the tracks. (if i do) but its also my daily driver. was wondering if you guys had any suggestions? i was thinking of starting on fine tuning the suspension, maybe lowering an inch or so. then dont know from there.


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The best way to go first is the intake or just change the air filter. Add a k&n cone filter and a engine breather as well, that will add some power to your car.
Or go for a AEM intake system. =]
But whats your main goal?? do you want a 10 sec. car
I have a 00' jetta vr6 and what i add to it was a intake system engine breather and a GReddy Global Style Exhaust. sweet Euro sound and a lot of power.
looking around a few different forums and for the 2.0. that i have, there doesnt seem much that i can do to push this for like a "fast" car. i have been looking at just getting it to the best it can be. then once around like 90-100k miles swaping to the VR6, heard it was easier then the 1.8T. idk, just digging for some small things to do. in college so mad tight budget.
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