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so i just bought a 98 jetta vr6 glx i hate the stock airbox ugly and not enuff air any advice what to do....i went to auto zone got a specter airfilter & silly chrome extencion but it i decided to go to home depo make my own extender ...i dont really like chrome tooo much so i have a 60 degree angled adapter "made from black pipeng also 60 degree angled form the sencer on the intake its about like 8 inches but c i tried it with just the airfilter and no extender and it rubs on the fuel lines and bouncy bad news its loud tho but shitty on mpg and it guags out when going from 0-60. having the 8 inch extended its not so loud but way better 0-60 with in umm 3.7 secs,.....whats the difference between a open filter on the front and one that is just round with no opening? also Exauhst ideas would be nice want a REAL BASS sounden exahust ....+ mine rattles how embarassing :eek:
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