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2001 VW Jetta TDI
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own a 2001 Jetta TDI.So I found that my driver's door had the micro switch removed by previous owner for some reason. No interior lights.
Replaced door mechanism and got my lights on and door ajar with key on alarm working but only if I open from outside. If I leave lights on or key and open my door from the inside it will not alarm. Kinda useless then.I found a bunch of corrosion in plugs for the door by kick panel driver's side. Resoldered wires and found broken wires to trunk which I also repaired as my trunk or gas door wouldn't work. Fixed but still no interior lights no matter what door I open. Took CCM out and did a visual check. Found no corrosion or burnt wires. There is no stereo as owner installed aftermarket and cut all sorts of wires.Any suggestions ? This is very common with sunroof I have read.

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