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Oil Change

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Call me an idiot, or whatever name you feel necessary, but I don't know how to perform a proper oil change on a car let alone my Jetta, it says I'll need one in about 300 miles and I'd like to try and do it myself this time for not only money purposes but for the general know-how of being able to do it myself. I've looked and can't find any good videos to explain it, if you know of one or would like to help directly then let me know what to do. I'd first like to know what kind of oil and filter I'll need for my 2014 Jetta SE 1.8tsi. Thanks.
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Castrol Edge 0W40, 5W30 or 5W40 (not diesel motor oil), Mobile 1 European Formula 5W30 or 0W40.
You won't find 5W40 engine oil at your local Walmart, but 0W40s and 5W30s are there, in both castrol
and mobile one.

My 2015 has the cartridge filter, the oil canister is bottom left of the engine.
Can't see yours, so I don't know what you have, I would guess the same,
the EA888 motor...

Oil filter would then be:
Oem:06k115466, 06l115466, 06l115562
Mann - hu6002z
Mahle - ox835d
Hengst - e358h
Fram - ch11784
Wix - wl7507
Bosch - p7147
Filtron - oe688/2
Purflux - l980
Technocar - op1011
Open parts - eof4221.10

I don't know how you did not find a video, you must not have REALLY
searched... I mean, I searched yahoo on "2014 Jetta 1.8 tsi oil change"
and whoa and behold, there they were:

Oh, then you need to reset the service indicator:

Also, searched yahoo on "2014 jetta 1.8 tsi oil reset", voila, there it was...

Search engines are amazing...
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Welcome to doing your own maintenance! This is a rather easy task to tackle.

So for starters things you will need:
A jack
A oil drain pan
Either a 19mm socket T45 socket or 8mm Allen socket by bet would be it's either T45 or the 8mm Allen, I'm. It exactly sure which one it is but it can be any of those 3
Oil filter socket or a giant pair of pliers
6 qts of 5w-40 Castro edge synthetic oil
And one of the most important and looked after items a new crush washer!

You local auto pats store very well should carry the weight and type of oil you need, as far as oil filter they should have that as well and as far as crush washer you'll need to know the size to get it from the auto parts store or the dealership will for sure have them as well as the oil filter

As far as changing the oil, take the oil cap off and jack the car up, put the oil drain under and open the drain plug, while the oils draining down below you can go up top and take the oil filter off, let the oil drain out of the filter and don't remove it all the way, when the oils done draining remove the old crush washer, if it's the 19mm hex head one you will need a pair of dikes or a cutting device to remove the old washer, once the old ones off install the new washer and carefully thread the drain plug back into the hole, careful not to cross thread it also you don't want a to Thor tighten the plug just nice and snug so it doesn't leak, when thats done remove he old oil filter and this is often the big step that gets over looked but take your new oil and poor it into the new filter, keep on looting it until it doesn't soak up any more oil when it's done dump it back out to poor into the car, what this is doing is soaking the oil filter parts so you won't dry crank your engine, install the oil filter and snug it up, again you don't need crazy tight just snug so it won't leak, then add the specified amount of oil to your vehicle it's around 5qts and change, I can look it up Monday to be exact, once you added the oil close the oil cap and start the car for 10 seconds, shut it off and check your stick, if the level is correct great job your done, of not add some more

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