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I do not think that it has been 3-1/2 years since I replaced these steering bellows on my '96 Jetta, and now both are split open again. I checked the brand that I bought - Rein (made in Italy?). And now I think I'm feeling some early tearing in my CV boots (replaced at the same time - forgot the brand). Man, this is depressing. Quite a bit of work to replace these things. And then I had to get a front end alignment after I was done installing (more dollars down the drain).

I was wondering what brand of boots you guys are using and how many years of life you get out of them.

The dealer probably sells the primo brand but I think they want an arm and a leg for one boot. Anyone know who manufactures the boots / bellows for Volkswagen?

I'd like to install some good boots without breaking the bank. Any opinions appreciated.
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