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Oxygen sensor

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My 1991 1.8 jetta started stalling and having trouble starting. Its getting worse over the last few weeks and is now basically undrivable. Most research suggests I change the oxygen sensor.
Can someone tell me where this is located on this model? by images of a new sensor, it looks like a connector/cable that comes out of the ecu and ends up near the exhaust manifold, but Im not sure!
Any help would be appreciated.
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If it is the oxegen sensor it will come out of the block I believe and run to your exhuast converter?alot of times you can take it out of your exaust and clean it. just use some pb blaster on itand a tube wrench and a regular one.I just got a haynes book on jetta's and it has a pretty good trouble shooting and repair guide in it. I do know you have to say the right problems like my Jetta starts but stalls. and then when I finally get it going and its warm and i shut it off its is really hard to start. I think mine is the cold start valve.
generally there are 2 Oxygen sensors located before and after your catalytic converter. If your sensor is throwing a code, there could be something else thats wrong, not the sensor. The sensor is for the most part used to your emissions system and should not be causing problems.
could be your MAF?
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