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P1580 and P1426 Codes

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I just bought a 98 Jetta 2.0 that sat for about 6 years and I am pulling my hair out with these codes. I also had a P0501 (replaced TSS and Cluster) and a P0122 (replaced throttle body with used one and cleaned connector contacts) and those have been cleared but I can't clear the P1426 and P1580. I have checked all the electrical and vacuum connections that I can see and have put a new gas cap on but still have these.

It runs amazing but I can't drive it until I get it registered with tags newer than 2008...
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For the P1580 physically remove the harness from the ECU and the TPS and check the wiring for resistance and faults. Its common because heat from the exhaust bakes everything along the firewall.

For the P1426 check all the vent lines at the tank, for one that's loose or fallen off, also check the carbon canister.
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