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i have a 1985 MK2 Jetta that i am parting out. Gasoline/ stick shift
The exterior is in pretty great shape. except no back bumper
Interior is also pretty great, nice seats, back seat is perfect but has everything.
Guess being parked in a carport helped
The interior has everything - door panels, all the parts, roll windows, manual mirrors. dash parts all pretty good. Like i said it was parked in a carport and it was only driven like a couple times a month. The woman is almost 70 years old and never went anywhere with it, she bought it new and has a big Buick she liked driving better cause then she didnt have to shift i guess. She dont wanna put anymore money into it and rather just move on and keep her full size Buick
The exhaust manifold/header pipe whatever ya wanna call it - got a hole in it but the exhaust needed replacing anyways.
To me its not really worth fixing and id rather just part it out instead
It has just about Everything
Because its in good shape i've decided to part it out would be more cost effective for me
So anything you may need just reply here or probably be faster to just use my email its [email protected]
Im throwing it on here first before i start taking stuff off and it goes on craigslist or ebay
or the such
but i will be checking in here so whatever is best for you

also lemme know what your looking for and if you want pictures thats no problem. i will get them posted up or emailed back to you ASAP.

im located in south jersey rite over the bridge from Philly. I am within 5-10 mins of any of the bridges zip code 08110


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