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Performance and body upgrades

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I am in the process of buying my son's 2001 Jetta and am thinking seriously about tricking it out for fun. Where should I start? Are there easy upgrades I can do first? What are the possibilities? I'm not looking to make something out of the F&F movies or a drifting beast. But something that turns heads and flies down the road would be awesome.
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WHat Kind of engine has your jetta?
Hi , welcome. If you can dream it you can build it! Go for it.(y)
WHat Kind of engine has your jetta?
TDI 1.9
The best TDI ever... :cool: here in Europe has 90 % of all Volkswagen a TDI motor, and the 1.9 ist on of the best
Whatever you do post pictures. We enjoy ideas.
What engine code have your motor?
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