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Please help! Stalling 91 jetta

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Hello Jetta Knights

My 91 just recently started having rough starts and stalling intermittently. Usually while driving or about to pull out of a stop. It just konks out. I can sometimes restart it while coasting to a stop, but sometimes not. It seems electrical, like a fuel relay or something...
A few weeks ago, it would turn over and not quite grab, but eventually would.. Then the stalling while driving started. Now, it seems to do it more frequently, to the point I dont want to drive it until its fixed. Filter maybe? I think the fuel pump would either work or not,but not half-way... so Im left thinking the filter is clogged, or a relay/electrical thing is happening.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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diesel or gas?
Well if its gas sounds like you might have water in the lines or something......... Bad fuel injectors, running off only a few cylenders..... if its electrical maybe your EFI... or fuel pump..
could be the MAF or Throttle position Sensor?
Hey all.. thanks for all the responses. Its been a few days since Ive checked the forum, so it was nice to see some responses!
Shmitt; Its gas.
Untitled; Water in the lines *is* entirely possible, since it was parked most of the winter. However, Ive gassed up a few times, with fuel injector cleaners and water removers added (too much?)
The problem did happen right after changing my air filter, and then started happening with more frequency, as though something finally soiled a sensor... Damn, hope its not the MAF.
I did just change all the plugs and wires along the way of diagnosing this problem too, and when it grabs, it sounds good, like all cylinders are firing... so??
Anyway, thanks for all the responses! Ill get back to the drawing board. Someone suggested a cold start valve too.. so that is worth looking into.
Thanks again
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i have 2001 jetta same problem after moths of taking it to mechanics and having diagnostics on it one mechanic told me to take it to the dealer. I spoke to the dealer and they charged me a 90 dlls for the diagnostic and found that it was the maf sensor they also wanted to charge me 592.76 so i took my car home stopped by shucks/kragen auto spent 99 dlls on the maf and borrowed a philips screwdriver and it took me a hole 10 seconds to take off (not an exaggeration) and 15 seconds to put back on saved almost 500 dlls however i still have to go back and have them reset the codes hope this helps
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