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Power Sunroof Issues

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Okay, so I have another question about the same car with the window problems (see my previous post if u don't know what i'm talking about). On my 95 GLX the power sunroof is functioning, but I don't think it is properly doing so. When I go to open it, It begins to lower, makes a very loud *CRACK* and then opens the rest of the way. Nothing appears to be breaking, and it still opens and shuts (has been for almost 4 months), but I don't think its supposed to do that... Any ideas on how to make this noise stop, or even what it is?
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i had the same problem with ym sunroof. it ended up being the track on the drivers side, vw likes to use plastic in a lot of places they shouldn't. you can try pushing up on the back when you open it up to take the stress off of the little ramp that makes it go up. when it is open look at both of the tracks inside and see if they are cracked. they are actually pretty easy to replace.
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