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Problem with rear drum brakes

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This is Thomas from Grosshoeflein, Austria :)

I drive a 1991 VW Jetta, the 75 horsepower carburettor engine.

My car had to undergo a technical inspection which is compulsory once a year. Among some other things the brake cylinder in the right drum brake was faulty, so both rear brake cylinders had to be replaced.

When I left the workshop today the car suddenly made a strange bang coming from the rear right side. You could compare the bang to what it sounds like if the emergency brake of a vehicle that has been standing a while is seized up a bit.

However, I thought this was caused by my emergency brake as well ang went on. The next time I was braking it sounded as if I was braking without brake pads and the brake pedal suddenly turned completely soft.

I instantly drove back to the workshop and said that something is wrong with my right rear brake. They took a quick look at it, the brake fluid level was ok and they were driving it and then told me everything is ok for a car which has run over 171000 miles now.

So I drove home very careful - still hearing this noise everytime I depressed the brake pedal, which still is way softer than it was before.

Any ideas what this could be?

I really don't want to risk driving around like that now and then having an accident or at least a damaged drum brake!

Best Wishes

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do a disc conversion. less problems to deal with vs drums
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