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So i've got some problems that i need addressed and some that i need information on where i can get the part i need.


1)Vaccum Leak due to cracking vaccum line (need to know where i can get this part)

2)when raining or driving through sizeable puddles my car will sometimes emit a screeching noise and shortly afterward my battery light comes on and my power steering pump goes full retard (on off on off ect...). (this only lasts for 5 seconds tops)

3) car makes a weird droning noise when i get up to speed. not sure where the problem is here.

4) transmission had down syndrome. when i swich from park to reverse it will normally take 1 second to engage but sometimes takes up to 5. Also the same problem persists when switching from reverse to drive... my car also absouloutly refuses to shift below 3k rpm's. AND when accelerating the change between gears can sometimes be rather... harsh :mad:

5) turn indicators pick and choose when they want to work. i've found a way to get them to work when i flash my high beams then use the turn indicators and i'll just repeat doing so untill they decide to work

6) car consumes a quart of oil every 2000 or so miles.

7) Misfire in cylynder one. proabably due to the vaccum leak.

so guys... what would you say to these unfourtanate annoyances? how would i fix them? what are they? where can i get the part?

and yes... i most definately have a CEL. :D

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To answer some of your questions. You can choose any of these websites to buy some of your parts.*OFFICIAL*-List-of-VW-Websites!!!

1. You would need to be more specific as to which vacuum line is cracked. You could get most of your lines from an ace hardware. If its something to your pcv, then you would need to use one of the sites above.

2. You probably don't have the plastic cover under the motor to keep water from getting in there. What's most likely happeneing, is your belts and electrical stuff is getting wet. Could have some exposed or cracked wires under there somewhere.

3. The droning could be your tires. Does it do it at certain speeds? or only when getting upto speed?

4. Could be some solenoids or the transmission is gonna be going soon. Your best bet would be to get a vag com hooked up to her and see whats going on. You could also have the vagcom relearn your driving to see if it will shift better.

5. Might need a new switch in the steering, since it seems to work when you tap the brights.

6. Sounds about normal. You might have gotten the one motor that has the piston ring upside down. I believe it was cylinder 2. They came factory that way.

7. Might need a tune up or you have a clogged injector. I would start with giving it a tune up, then run some injector cleaner to see if clears it up.

Last but not least. You can goto an autozone or autoparts store and have them do a free code reading. Once you have to codes, post them here and we can help you further.
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