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Project 2PTSLO Starts Tomorrow!!!!!

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Well, this is more a continuation of what I started last year.

Last year: Koni coilovers, OZ Palladios, painted brake calipers, FK grill, Euro spec blacked out head lights, smoked GLI tail lights, smoked side markers and turns, Wet Okole seat covers, new head unit, euro mirror glass, and re covered headliner.

This year: S3 engine covers, MKV mirrors, shave antenna, shave door moldings, full Votex kit, complete respray with a pearl flake, and Clear Car Armor. And then Neuspeed SC
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really diggin the grill and bumper. love the color too. cant wait to see the coils installed.
yah i can tell its lowered. but your post under that says new coils next mod. maybe you actually ment coil not coilovers haha idk
thats the way to do it if youv got the money. keep us updated!
damn lookin real good
x2 on the grill.
get some bigga wheels those are some balloon tires! haha
looks great tho good job with everything!
you deff need to take a video after you install the air ride. and what about the rabbit? whys all the work going into ur girls jet?
this guy does not **** around. awsome job man looks reeaal good. diggin the new wheels too. whens the tranny get swapped? haha
x2 on the fenders. i like when they're rolled but keep the factory line
1 - 11 of 69 Posts
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