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Project 2PTSLO Starts Tomorrow!!!!!

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Well, this is more a continuation of what I started last year.

Last year: Koni coilovers, OZ Palladios, painted brake calipers, FK grill, Euro spec blacked out head lights, smoked GLI tail lights, smoked side markers and turns, Wet Okole seat covers, new head unit, euro mirror glass, and re covered headliner.

This year: S3 engine covers, MKV mirrors, shave antenna, shave door moldings, full Votex kit, complete respray with a pearl flake, and Clear Car Armor. And then Neuspeed SC
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Ha Ha. Once I get home from work there will be pics.:eek:
You're going to be quite busy!

Good luck with the project Ak... I mean ENRGZR... quote] Oh... you caught me!:D
The paint guy will be the busiest. Also I found a pristine 2004 trunk lid at a junk yard today. So that will be on there.
Got the mirrors from the UPS guy!!!
Got the side skirts today!!!!
Well I didn't patent it. Have at it!!!!!
Update. So the bumpers, side skirts, engine covers, and trunk have all been at the paint shop being prepped. Dropping the car off tomorrow for paint. About 3 weeks until the unveiling!!!!!
Sorry, I never updated this. The car is finished. Took all summer. The pics are from last summer. The sideskirts are now on and the car looks way better. the wheels are also gone. About another week and it will be on the road again.

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just ordered some new coils for my next mod. Bags...
it's got coils on already. The ground is very uneven where thos pics were taken, making it look higher than it actually is. About another week and there will be new pics.
Getting new coils that go lower. And then putting airbags on them.
damn lookin real good
x2 on the grill.
get some bigga wheels those are some balloon tires! haha
looks great tho good job with everything!
wheels are being sold. They were for auto-x
Those wheels are 16's. I am going with 18's
Just got done installing the amp and sub...
got some air ride goodies!!!
as far as Enrgzr goes I wish I knew how he gets all his parts...cuz even my cash flow isnt THAT good haha
I am military in Alaska. I get my base pay, BAH, and COLA. The bags are on the CC, but I am deploying in a few weeks which will take care of that. My wife make decent money.
Yep AD at Elmendorf. I am going west this time (Korea). No sand for me. I was slated to go to Bagram in Sept. though.
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