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Project 2PTSLO Starts Tomorrow!!!!!

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Well, this is more a continuation of what I started last year.

Last year: Koni coilovers, OZ Palladios, painted brake calipers, FK grill, Euro spec blacked out head lights, smoked GLI tail lights, smoked side markers and turns, Wet Okole seat covers, new head unit, euro mirror glass, and re covered headliner.

This year: S3 engine covers, MKV mirrors, shave antenna, shave door moldings, full Votex kit, complete respray with a pearl flake, and Clear Car Armor. And then Neuspeed SC
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what size of wheel is decent??? curiousity...haha...2ptslo lookin good though
nice, reading everything going on here everday makes me really itching to get home and drive my Jetta haha
well im able to save a ton while here in Iraq...not to mention that Im only able to do that because my wife is a LPN and will be getting her RN soon (next year) and be making close to 40$/ I am able to get a few things here and lighting was only 600 (with bently manual as well) and my next step is exhaust....

as far as Enrgzr goes I wish I knew how he gets all his parts...cuz even my cash flow isnt THAT good haha
ah Active duty?? and where (if you can say) are you deploying to? Im waiting to get away from the litter box of Iraq.
this is actually very lifting in morale for me....knowing that the people that share the same car enthusiasm as myself all serve or know someone serving in the military...makes up for all the people that have no respect for us. isnt bad here but its not home, and it definatly isnt Washington state..haha. just in the crap for that all the time.
more shinies!!!!

as for 3 doors down...thier older stuff was ok but I hate the overplay crap off the second album...
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