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Project 2PTSLO Starts Tomorrow!!!!!

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Well, this is more a continuation of what I started last year.

Last year: Koni coilovers, OZ Palladios, painted brake calipers, FK grill, Euro spec blacked out head lights, smoked GLI tail lights, smoked side markers and turns, Wet Okole seat covers, new head unit, euro mirror glass, and re covered headliner.

This year: S3 engine covers, MKV mirrors, shave antenna, shave door moldings, full Votex kit, complete respray with a pearl flake, and Clear Car Armor. And then Neuspeed SC
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You're going to be quite busy!

Good luck with the project Ak... I mean ENRGZR... I'm sure it will turn out great, and I look forward to pics of the pearly goodness of your new finish!
Great news!

It's always exciting when there's a new box delivered! - feeling like a little kid at Christmas time, or a Golden Retriever playing fetch... it just feels gooood... so good, in fact, that you need to use extra Os ;)!

BTW, Ak - I've loved that emblem idea of yours in the front grill :cool: since I first spied it on the ROC. Would you mind terribly if I copped your idea, then twisted it around a bit? I was thinking of a "smoked" coat over the chrome Rabbit (still reflective & glossy - not like a full paint), so it would result in almost a negative of what you've done - I think it would look good on my Uni Black (if you didn't mind, that is)...
1 - 2 of 69 Posts
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