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Purchasing a new 08 Jetta

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Hi everyone im new to this forum.. so im not sure if this is where i should post this..

Im looking at possibly going to buy a new 08 Jetta on June 10th. (If the dealer has any on the lot within our price range.)

I would like to buy one with payments at around 300$ a month with financing for 7 years (My mom and dad will be paying for it and 7 years would get them a lower payment)

My father called the dealer the other day and was quoted as needed a 3000 down payment and 3.9 APR for 7 years to get payments around 300. I was wondering if anyone knows if this would be a jetta s? jetta se? The guy was very vague with information and left us asking many more questions. We are pretty set on buying a jetta but we need more information. ANy info would help LOTS!

Sorry again if this is posted in the wrong place.

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Ha ha Actually they don't. I've been driving an 01' Ford Escort since i started driving around 5 years ago.. and now that im in college they feel like i need something better and possibly more reliable than what im driving now to make those long trips to and from college.

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