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i am doing my rear breaks right now on my 2003 2.0 and i am having some i went and read some threads and then went and got the box thing but now i have been struggling a turning the stupid piston for about an hour now and i cant seem to get it to go into the housing. I was wondering is ther was anyone that has a trick or any tips to getting these brakes done.


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Use a baster thing(like this) and remove about half the brake fluid from the reservior. Make sure you secure the cap back onto the reservior or you could end up with air in the system resulting in you having to do a full bleed. The first few turns will probably be tough, but should become easier as you go. You shouldn't have to open any bleeder valves if your fluid is still good and you don't plan to do a flush. Don't forget to top up the reservior when you're finished.

And from what I remember, the cube tool needs some modification to work properly. I own this set which makes the process really easy. You can proabably rent it from most parts shops.
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