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rear brake trouble

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i am doing my rear breaks right now on my 2003 2.0 and i am having some i went and read some threads and then went and got the box thing but now i have been struggling a turning the stupid piston for about an hour now and i cant seem to get it to go into the housing. I was wondering is ther was anyone that has a trick or any tips to getting these brakes done.

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Do you have the right tool for this? You have to twist and push at the same time. If you've got a Harbor Freight near you, they sell an inexpensive kit that should get you going.

my dad seems to think that i need to bleed some fluid to make it go in....did i miss this from the beginning?
Personally, I open up the bleeders for this. You definitely should have the brake fluid reservoir open, too. I can't remember what the documented procedure is at the moment, but this seems to work well for me!

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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