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Rear Passenger Side of Car Lowered?

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Hi there!

I have a suspension issue on an 03 Jetta. The rear passenger side of my car is significantly lower than any other side/the other three wheels. So much so that at most angles you can tell the car is sitting lob sided. I haven't gotten a chance to crawl underneath yet (work on weekends), but I was hoping someone might have some ideas as to what the issue is!
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I'm wondering if part of my spring snapped or something.

(sorry that its dark, noticed in my work parking lot. You can easily see it's sitting way lower than it should though)!

Any ideas are appreciated, thanks :)
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Thanks for the response! I plan to crawl under tonight after work. If it is a spring, any recommendations for a replacement brand?
Thanks a bunch! You were right, it was the bottom coils :)
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