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Hello Jetta Junkies ! I'm the original owner of an '86 Jetta GLI that I ordered new in the early spring of 1986. Up to that point I drove a 1972 BMW 2002 O=00=O but lost it in wet late winter road conditions and totaled it along with my left hip (5-pieces). I had that 02 as a daily driver for more than 11 years and found the Jetta GLI as the best car to replace the classic 02. I feel pretty good about that decision as to me the GLI is a classic to this day. Right off the start in '86 I couldn't deal with the GLI's 35w headlights and after contacting Hella they advised against putting higher watt bulbs in which I couldn't understand (????) so I opted for a pair of Cibie Oscar Plus on top of the bumper and a set of amber Cibie fog lights under. Next in line that same year was a GTI sport Bilstein -30mm struts and shocks and shorter springs, a Foha rear deck duck tail spoiler. A deflector for the sunroof and a 1000 watt Alpine audio system with Boston Acoustic speakers and a 6x9 BA subwoofer with a Proton D275 POD amplifier. Had the latest Passport radar detector and a CB radio (remember CB's, sort of the original Social Media :LOL:;) ). To keep it a little stealth I found a power, retractable AM/FM CB antenna that replaced the original. Many, many great miles on the GLI down to taking my wife to the hospital to give birth to our son, then on to vacations to SC, FL and off to school. My son is about to learn how to drive a manual transmission car..........yep in the GLI. Anyway enough rambling, this was just to say hello but the Jetta just brings so many good and great memories that I don't need coffee or Red Bull to keep rambling :)

Hello Jetta Junkies from.

aka Mike
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