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Remote starter

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Has any one ever installed a remote starter because i thinking of installing a Python 990 with a mile and the 2way transponder
any one ever installed anything like this
it might be a while before i do this don't have the money right now
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I am running a Viper remote starter in my 2006 Jetta.

The unit supports CanBus so there are almost no wiring connections. Everything is thru the CanBus.

I no longer use the factory remote, just the Viper remote.

Works like a charm!
Do you still need to carry the FOB to pop the key in the ignition? Or do you have full functionality to the car with just the remote start?
I use a valet key with the viper remote.

I milled the slots on the side of the valet key so it fits all the key holes (same as the switchblade key).
Ah. I went with a Viper 3902v, specifically for the ability to have a good alarm with flexibility (added motion and audio sensors), without needing a separate remote (I still get to use the FOB for everything). It apparently also has a remote start add-on, so I'll need to check that out (Maybe they can reprogram the panic button?). Thanks for the info though. Read your post as I was weighing some alternatives.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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