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I'm a fairly new DIYer. Done simple things, replaced oil pan (and oil), swapped out an engine flange on an older Jetta, changed transmission fluid on my wife's PT Cruiser, that kinda job.

But my cat is deader 'un Dickens on my 2000 2.0L and would love to swap it out (along with the two O2 sensors). But after looking at it (along with my Chilton) I can't even imagine what tool I'd need to get above the y-pipe at the top three bolts connecting the exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold (not to mention the first sensor).

Please keep in mind I can only get the thing up on jack stands. I just need a rec for what tool will fit up there and allow me to get at those bolts (obviously it's some kind of ratchet, I just wouldn't know what to get/buy/borrow...and, yes I know I need an O2 sensor socket for the senors, I actually have a lead on those). For those with the Chilton, pg. 2A-20, pic 9.10--the three top bolts.

Seems a simple enough job if I could just get at those bastards!

Thanks for any help.

--Christopher Morrison

PS: I live in CA so I need the cat installed by August to pass inspection.

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Download the mk4 bentley manual or buy one on amazon, it'll tell you exactly how to do it and what specialty tools you'll need.

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