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Replaced wiring harness

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In spring 2007 (Mother's Day), my 2005.5 TDI manual transmission would not start. Towed to local dealer (NOT who I bought it from), who worked on it for three days and replaced several components saying that there was a wiring issue that "shorted out" several components.

Several months later (September) it wouldn't start again. It turned out that the whole wiring harness needed to be replaced. After several b & m calls to Customer Service, VW paid for the harness, I had to pay for the labor. Their part about $350, my part about $1160. It was out of warranty due to miles (I put almost 48k in 2 years).

I love my Jetta, but this really hurt. I felt that, even though it was out of warranty, it is NOT reasonable to expect that the wiring harness would fail in the lifetime of a vehicle. I'm posting this message to make others aware of the problem.[teacher]
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My experience with the dealer in my area has been good and bad I guess. I found an issue with the paint on my decklid, two days after my purchase. The paint had began coming off due to a contaminant of some kind, and had began to rust in a very small spot. The car was "certified pre-owned" and all they could do was to give me touch up paint. I guess I didn't have to pay for the paint, and it was a used car, but damn it only had 9700 miles on it.

Now, last night I discover that my aux stereo input is broken, hopefully I can just fix it myself instead of having to deal with VW service.
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