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Replaced wiring harness

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In spring 2007 (Mother's Day), my 2005.5 TDI manual transmission would not start. Towed to local dealer (NOT who I bought it from), who worked on it for three days and replaced several components saying that there was a wiring issue that "shorted out" several components.

Several months later (September) it wouldn't start again. It turned out that the whole wiring harness needed to be replaced. After several b & m calls to Customer Service, VW paid for the harness, I had to pay for the labor. Their part about $350, my part about $1160. It was out of warranty due to miles (I put almost 48k in 2 years).

I love my Jetta, but this really hurt. I felt that, even though it was out of warranty, it is NOT reasonable to expect that the wiring harness would fail in the lifetime of a vehicle. I'm posting this message to make others aware of the problem.[teacher]
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VW's biggest short fall is their customer service, going to the dealer is not a fun trip. Their sales departments suck and their service departments are far worse. Hopefully if enough of us complain to VWoA, something will change.
This can vary depending on what dealership you go to....

For example, I have been to two separate dealerships for service (some routine and some not). One near my house (Santa Barbara VW) and one near my work (Nefftin VW in Thousand Oaks). The dealership in Santa Barbara has been amazingly helpful in everything I have brought to them; whereas Nefftin has a different attitude towards what I bring to their attention. Both have helpful sales and I have had no problems with them (bought my car at Nefftin). On the other hand, I visited Sunnyvale VW (a bit north of me) and their sales team was extremely annoying and unhelpful. It's almost luck of the draw...

This has been the same with all other makes of cars I have been involved with (Ford, Chevy, etc). I would see if there are other VW dealerships in your area (or within a reasonable distance) and see how they are.
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