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I have a 2001 Jetta, and the headliner fabric is starting to relieve itself of it's duties of being my headliner. Not necessarily sagging, more of coming off around the edges.

As well, the fabric on my sunroof cover (slider?) thing.. Is completely off, and has shredded orange foam flakes through-out the vehicle. I've managed to staple it on there and just tuck the cover back to NEVER slide again. However i would love to fix all these issues!

The main concern is the Sunroof Cover, I'd love to fix it, that is if there is a way i can remove/re attach the fabric without having to gut the car apart.

Are there any guides? Tips? etc.

I'm new to the Jetta world, and I really wanna start adding things to my car (rims, tint etc. tastefully cosmetic improvements) However, I would love to fix this upholstery business first.

Thank you for any help you may provide!
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