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I have a 2006 Jetta tdi and the DSG transmission servicing was not done in time to keep the clutch from going bad. After it started acting up, I had the servicing done anyway at a very reputable VW mechanic in Vegas, but to no avail. I was quoted $3000 for a replacement, but see that ECS sells replacement clutch packs for $600. All the youtube videos I've seen seem pretty straight forward. Is it as an easy job as it seems? I'm very experienced with normal tools but have very limited knowledge with tuning or any other automobile software.

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Serving not done in time to keep the clutchES (2 of them) from going bad? Doubtful...
I have 232,000 miles on mine, serviced it TWICE... I go almost 80,000 miles between
services, and my clutches still work. I do have a 2013 though, newer model, but I go
way over the 60,000 mile interval.

Clutches burn up when the trans over-heats. Bad fluid won't burn them out, but it
can cause performance issues, or get so bad it clogs the filter then not enough fluid
gets to the clutches and they burn out... If you are saying the service was not
done in time, then it was NEVER done, or an additional service was not done in time?

SO, how many miles are on this car? If there's 80,000, then no, something else
burned them out. If there is like, 120,000 miles on it, and a service was never
done, possibly.

There are TWO clutches, one for the odd gears, one for the even gears. They are
relatively easy to replace if you have some mechanical skills.

Could be the outer carrier snap ring just fell off IF that happened the clutch pack
outer carrier would spin and tear up the drum. You'll know if that happened, the snap
ring will be laying in the clutch-pack cover.

The outer clutch is a wafer clutch, not directional, but the inner one is directional.

If the outer snap ring fell off the entire unit is probably damaged, you will need another one,
and you may as well buy a new unit with everything in it for $660 at IDPARTS:

This way, you aren't taking your drum all apart and messing with it, you get a whole unit
you put in. If yours happens to be good, but needs clutches, you can sell it on eBay, here,
other forum and recoup some of your cost. Get a pilot bearing as well, since it's open, may
was as well replace it.

They're also as low as $328.00 (MK5) used, on eBay for the whole unit.
$99.00 for just the friction discs.
$75.00 for metal discs.

IDPARTS or store of the like is going to be your best bet.

ECS has the clutch repair kit for $629.00, we hope the clutch discs and plates
are in it...

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It's hard to image that even with 120,000 miles on it, that is was
not done at least once. It's not easy to do, which is why a lot of people
don't do it, and don't want to pay the absorbent amount at a dealer to
have it done. The fluid and filter kits are $100.00, the labor is extensive.

If you took it to a dealer to have it serviced, they would know if it
were the clutch pack, or mechatronic failure. There are so many sensors
in the DSG, it's a wonder they don't fail more often.

I have read about a DSG failure at a mere 1692 miles. Usually, the DMF
goes way before the anything in the transmission does. While you have
it apart, and if you can afford it, replace the DMF.

Saw a video of a 2010 GTI with DSG failure at 8xxx miles, and it made
a lot of noise.
That video shows what happens if the snap ring fails, and shows the
clutches, how they are good, but the drum is damaged.

Here's a nice video on replacing the clutch discs.

When replacing just the clutch discs, you need to soak them in trans fluid
for about ten to fifteen minutes before installing them in the drum. Looks
quite easy, the hardest part is going to be taking the trans out, and putting
it back in...
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